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Ajai Apparel

  • Avery


    With a glorious gold necklace included and a mid-thigh seductive split, this charcoal dress proves to be absolutely stunning. Be careful bringing this dress home as it may cause your other clothes to...

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  • Chloe

    This dress was made to impress. Midi skirts are definitely "in" and with this appealing print, your style will leave nothing left to be desired.

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  • Juliana


    Long-sleeve, high-neck, knitted pink sweater.  96% POLYESTER 4% SPANDEX Avail in S-M-L Description: L: 29" B: 50" W: 48"

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  • Riley

    This skirt is absolutely gorgeous. It gives a new definition to flowy and this stripped skirt will make you want to dance on cloud 9

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