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  • Bridgette


    BAG STYLE & INSPIRATION The Bridgette is our classic color block satchel/Cross-body purse. It is sleek, minimalist and practical. The top zipper under the flap keeps your belongings secure and...

    $73.00 - $126.00
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  • Cottontail


    STYLE & INSPIRATION Many popular childrens books are based on the famous New England Cotton Tail rabbit that is now near extinction. It is commonly found only in five spots in New York and New...

  • Cougar


    STYLE & INSPIRATION Introducing our first ever vegan backpack for when you are on the go. Well sized for day trips or a day out in the city. Perfectly large enough to hold your camera,...

    $131.00 - $141.00
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  • Flamingo


    STYLE & INSPIRATION Inspired by the beautiful and large Flamingo bird this bag is so sleek, structured and yet light weight. Winner of InStyle Magazines Best Green Handbag 2015. Choose from...

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  • Hermit


    STYLE & INSPIRATION Inspired by classic structured silhouettes, the Hermit is a real "Power Bag" for the bold and confident woman. The name is dedicated to the highly abused Hermit crab that is...

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  • JANE


    BAG STYLE & INSPIRATION For the love of Chimpanzees! We are so inspired by the work and life of Dr.Jane Goodall that we designed a bag as a dedication to her legacy.  Poised, polished, and...

  • Kangaroo


    STYLE & INSPIRATION Simple, classic and chic. You cannot go wrong with this carry-all tote. Spacious and elegant and nothing over the top. Its your go to bag for work or a day out at the park...

  • Kangaroo Saffiano

    Kangaroo Saffiano

    STYLE & INSPIRATION A work bag that's simple, classic and chic. An alternate version of our classic Kangaroo tote now available in a Saffiano texture. You cannot go wrong with this carry-all...

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  • Koi


    STYLE & INSPIRATION Classic quilted blue purse with a chain strap and tassel zipper pull. Comes with an easy access outside pocket for your keys and cell phone and an extra detachable long strap...

  • Monarch


    STYLE & INSPIRATION This bag gets its name from the Monarch Butterfly which is at the brink of extinction. The greek name for this butterfly literally means "sleepy transformation" and evokes...

  • Naomi


    BAG STYLE & INSPIRATION Perfect everyday shopper top handle tote to accompany you on a busy day out. Holds files, I-pad, wallet, keys, a water bottle, umbrella, makeup bag and all your...

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  • Pelican


    STYLE & INSPIRATION Pelican birds literally use their throat sac connected to the lower mandible to act as a Bucket, catching fish and filtering out the water.. Inspired by its beauty we thought...

    $76.00 - $144.00
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