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  • Angel Wing Necklace

    Angel Wing Necklace

    Design: This simple yet chic, Angel wing necklace is perfect for everyday styling. Either worn singularly or layered for a more dramatic look. The angel wing is a symbol of protection and guidance...

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  • Full Moon Earring

    Full Moon Earring

    Design: Great for everyday styling the full moon earrings feature a pair of hand hammered textured discs. Pierced earring on French hook. Materials: Handcrafted using 925 sterling silver. Available...

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  • Pineapple Cuff

    Pineapple Cuff

    Design: Pineapples are considered a symbol of friendship and hospitality, so why not welcome a touch of zesty humour to your jewellery collection. A modern take on an art deco classic, the pineapple...

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  • Roman Coin Pendant Necklace rosegold

    Roman Coin Pendant Necklace rosegold

    Design: Inspired by ancient Rome with a modern twist, this Roman coin necklace in contrasting metals looks great worn singularly or layered. Coin amulets are often worn for prosperity and wealth...

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